Xe88 Casino
Android /IOS / Windows

Download XE88 Windows <<< Click to download

How to download XE88 in Window?

Download steps:

Step 1: Click "Download XE88 Windows".

Step 2: The file is downloaded in your PC. Click on the notification below to open the downloaded file. 

Step 3: Click "Next", 


Step 4: and click "Next" again. (Tick on the create shortcut for convenient)


Step 5: Click "Install",

Step 6: and click "Finish" to finish the installation. 

Step 7: XE88 is installed on your window. Start playing by logging in! 😄


Download Xe88 IOS <<< Click to download

How to download XE88 in IOS?

*Note: For Iphone, you need to TRUST the developer before you can run the app. Kindly go to "Setting"> "General"> "Device Management" > "TRUST" > "All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd".

Installing steps: 

Step 1 - Click ''Download Xe88 IOS''


Step 2 - Click Install after it ask you whether you want to install XE88

Step 3 - Tap on the app (XE88) that appeared on your device's home page

Step 4 - When it pop up Untrusted Ent. Developer, click Cancel.

Step 5 - After you cancelled, go to the setting⚙️ and tap on General.


Step 6 - In the general, click Device Management.

Step 7 - It will show the developer, click on the developer

Step 8 - and click Trust.

Step 9 - After you clicked trust, it will reconfirm with you. Click Trust again.

Step 10 - XE88 is downloaded in your device. Type in your ID and password to start playing.🥳🥳


Download Xe88 Android <<< Click to download

How to install XE88 apk?

Step 1 - Click on the apk file, and click OK for download. 

Step 2 - Click OPEN and it will direct you to installation. 

(Some of the android devices might block you from downloading unknown sources, click SETTINGS⚙️ if you meet this problem.)

Then, allow your device to install from external sources. 


Step 3 - Click INSTALL in the notification that whether you want to install XE88. 


Step 4 - XE88 is installed in your device. Click OPEN. 

Step 5 - Type in your username and password,then start playing XE88! laughing